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About Provider Billing Associates

Provider Billing Associates founder and President, John Huffman,  began working in the medical billing and receivables management services field in 1988. His career, spanning more than 25 years, began in a sole practitioners office, providing medical billing, receivables management and all administrative duties.

From there, John worked in large, multi-practitioner clinics, in the billing and receivables management services departments.

Later, John worked in the business office of a hospital, where he managed the billing and receivables management department.

In 2002 an opportunity arose to begin an agency, specifically focusing on workers’ compensation billing and receivables management.

In 2004, California enacted Senate Bill 899, which brought sweeping changes to the California Workers’ Compensation System. At that time, John decided to utilize his knowledge and skills with all payer types, and expanded the agency to include all payer type billing and receivables management services.

Provider Billing Associates

Through mergers and collaborations, various other healthcare services have been offered, however, the changes the industry has seen with the implementation of Affordable Care Act made it clear that all clients would be best served by focusing on our core strength, and all ancillary services were eliminated and the new, focused Provider Billing Associates was created.

With skilled staff focusing on the billing and receivables needs of clients, Provider Billing Associates is the solution to your success as a provider of medical services.

Provider Billing Associates has more than 25 years of providing medical billing and collections services.