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Dermatology Billing Company
Dermatology Medical Billing Companies

Your dermatology practice isn’t a business to you. It’s your passion. You and your staff are serving patients, not customers. So why is so much of your practice’s valuable time spent taking on the myriad details and challenges of your billings and receivables management?

How many hours a week does your staff spend in that endless and endlessly frustrating pursuit?

The problem becomes more complex and challenging all the time. That’s why Provider Billing Associates lets you keep your focus on healthcare delivery while we handle your dermatology medical billing services.

Over 25 Years of Medical Billing Experience To Help You

Our more than 25 years of experience has resulted in a system that works for healthcare facilities in a wide range of specialties, including dermatology. Over that time, we’ve billed all types of payers, including commercial and private insurers, HMOs and PPOs, Medicare and Medicaid. As a result, we fully comprehend the nuances of all payers and know how to proceed through each to your billing advantage.

At the foundation of our dermatology medical billing services is our state-of-the-art medical billing software. But we know that any system, no matter how advanced, is only the beginning of the transaction. Once a claim is made, it’s imperative that your payment partner will continually manage and monitor the situation until payment in full is received. Experience, skill, technological savvy and tenacity is required.

Streamline Your Payments and Receivables Management

In our more than a quarter-century in this business we’ve developed processes and procedures that work to the advantage of our clients. One such advantage isn’t just how we work, but where. All claims processing and follow-up services are conducted in-house. No responsibilities are farmed out to third-party domestic or offshore vendors. This means we work faster and avoid the sort of confusion that can result when some team members are an ocean away. Your payers and your staff will only deal with Provider Billing Associates staff.

All claims payments will be directed to your office for maximum expediency — while we stay involved with prompt follow-up if the claim is denied or underpaid.

We follow all HIPAA requirements to fully protect the privacy of your patients.

Spend more time with your dermatology patients and less of it worrying about your practice’s billings and receivables management. Let Provider Billing Associates handle your dermatology medical billing services and devote more of your time to what you opened your practice for in the first place.

dermatology billing company

Provider Billing Associates has more than 25 years of providing medical billing and receivables management services.