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Providing Billing Associates stands out from the crowd by providing a superior level of service. We are not the standard “bill it out and forget it” type of organization. Claims billed by Provider Billing Associates immediately flow to our Receivables Management staff.   We at Provider Billing Associates know that prompt, intelligent and aggressive accounts receivables management are the key to getting claims paid.

All claims and receivables management activities take place on-site at the Provider Billing Associates offices.  Provider Billing Associates does not utilize any off-shore or off-site labor.  This not only provides for immediate access to staff working on your claims, additionally, clients have the peace of mind in knowing that all HIPAA requirements regarding the safety of patient’s Protected Health Information  (PHI) are strictly adhered to by Provider Billing Associates Staff.

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All payments go directly to clients; we do not direct any client payments to our facility. Clients forward payments copies and EOBs to our office via fax-to-scan, email, FTP Server uploads, or a variety of other ways which work best for our clients. These payments are posted to patient accounts, reviewed for underpayment, and where necessary, appealed for additional payment. Clients are invoiced based on the payments, with a detailed itemization.

California Workers’ Compensation Claim

California Workers’ Compensation Claims are more complex than other claims types; from the data that must populate the claim form to the receivables management process. The Provider Billing Associates team know all of the intricacies of the California Workers’ Compensation system.

All California Workers’ Compensation Carriers are required to accept electronic claims, this provides for a more rapid turnaround in payment. There are claims that cannot be billed electronically; each are sent with a notice of representation and demand letter as well as a Proof of Service by Mail to protect the rights and remedies of our clients.

Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board
Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

Where necessary, Provider Billing Associates will file a lien with the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board, via the EAMS system, and present to all Southern California Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards for all lien hearings, including lien trials, to ensure payment to our clients.