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OB/GYN Billing Company
OB/GYN Medical Billing Services

The medical billing process today is a responsibility best left to the experts. It takes a staff of dedicated claims processing professionals to handle the seemingly endless and often tedious details involved with billing medical claims and actually getting paid.

Is that what you envisioned you and your staff doing at your practice when you became an OB/GYN? Are those the roles and responsibilities you dedicated your life’s work to? Probably not.

That’s why we became an OB/GYN billing company taking the reins of this demanding, highly detailed and critical component of the healthcare field. We think the main benefit to our numerous medical clients is that Provider Billing Associates lets you keep your attention where it belongs — on your OB/GYN patients. And that’s what we’ve been enabling our clients to do for over 25 years now.

Serving Clients Just Like You For Over 25 Years

Our success is based on our medical billing software as well as on the talents and experience of our people. And after decades of development for clients in this area, we have the processes and procedures in place to accurately and efficiently process claims for clients in all medical practices, including OB/GYN, and get them paid.

Over the years we’ve billed claims to multiple payers, including commercial and private insurers, HMOs and PPOs, Medicare and Medicaid. Through our wealth of experience with each type of payer we won’t burden your practice with billing errors that can result in turndowns and slow payments.

One key to the continued success of our OB/GYN billing company is the way we work — and where we deliver our services. We don’t send the work out to third-party contractors in other countries. All of our services are conducted by our own people and under one roof. That way, we always know the status of your accounts receivables and can confront and get through obstacles sooner in the event of denial or underpayment.

All payments are sent directly to your OB/GYN practice for expediency. We know your practice needs the revenue to be generated as soon as possible.

And finally, we follow all HIPAA requirements to fully protect the privacy of your patients and not adversely affect patient-physician relationships.

Let your patients take the bulk of your time — not your medical billing and claims processing tasks. Depend on Provider Billing Associates, a highly experienced OB/GYN billing company, to let you keep your intellectual and emotional focus on your examination and procedure rooms, where it belongs.

Provider Billing Associates has more than 25 years of providing medical billing and receivables management services.