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Pain Management Billing Company
Pain Management Medical Billing Companies

As a busy medical professional, we know you’ve got better things to do than be an accounts receivable expert. In fact, we’re quite sure that when you went to medical school, you never studied billing, payments, or accounts receivable management services, whatsoever.

You exist to have compassion for your patients, and help them alleviate the pain they’re in.

That’s why Provider Billing Associates offers pain management medical billing, to ensure that you and your staff are freed up from unnecessary distractions to be able to focus on those entrusted to your care.

Helping You Focus on the Patients Under Your Care

We offer a totally streamlined solution, allowing you to quickly and easily upload both payments and EOBs to our servers to be acted upon immediately. Given the busy office you operate, and the diverse conditions you are tasked with treating, any lapse in focus could result in a lower quality-of-care for your patients. That’s why we not only allow easy upload of patient billing documents, but also only utilize in-house staff to perform follow-up in the case of claim denials. This ensures that you will never be held liable for HIPAA violations that could result from using contracted third parties.

While we know your compassion for people and your drive to alleviate their pain is ultimately what drives you, getting paid is certainly nice, as well. Payments we receive from your patients come directly to you, so there’s never any delay, or concern about payments that are “up in the air.” Payments not received from patients, or which return underpaid, are followed up on quickly, to ensure that you get all the money you’re owed.

In the field of medical payments, the quick follow-up on denied claims is, perhaps, the trickiest aspect. We don’t expect your kind and caring receptionist or back office personnel to have the right skills to be able to tactfully and successfully gain payments on unpaid statements. The fact that they don’t have these skills is okay, as that’s not what you ultimately hired them for. You hired them to assist in operating a smooth, inviting, and caring office that is able to listen to each individual patient, understand their pain management needs, and find them the relief they so desperately seek.

Streamline Your Payments and Collections

Without a pain management medical billing service, the obligation to follow-up on denied or underpaid claims will fall on your staff, in addition to their other responsibilities, leading to burnout and a lower quality of work. Don’t put you or your office staff in a position that they’re not comfortable or skilled to be in, and leave the necessary follow-up to us.

We know with the increased uncertainty in the health insurance marketplace, you’re doing everything you can to decrease expenses in order to run a profitable office. With that in mind, a service like what Provider Billing Associates offers might simply seem like an extra, unnecessary expense. If you don’t have the time or resources to properly bill your patients, however, no amount of cost-cutting will allow you to be profitable. So, save yourself the time and stress that medical billing can cause, and contact us today to see how we can serve you.

Pain Management Billing Company

Provider Billing Associates has more than 25 years of providing medical billing and collections services.